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Please read below for some feedback from some clients.

"...a massive thank-you for your incredible help and guidance over the last couple of months. It has equiped me with a strong positivity for the future and I am also very grateful for the continued gift of learning about CBT and using it for each new project and adventure."

"...a big thank-you for helping me turn my life around."

"...I am now back teaching full-time...it is becoming easier - even dare I say it - enjoyable!. I continue to practice the techniques you taught me and even find myself telling others how it works."

"...thank you so much. Everything in my life is better now and I feel so much happier and content. it's hard to believe I used to be on anti depressants and was constantly anxious."

"...Also our sex life is almost back to normal but the best thing is there is no upset or anxiety surrounding it anymore and I cannot thank you enough. I have recommended you to everyone I know and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for everything you did for me and I couldn't have had a nicer person to help me."

"Just a wee update on my progress. I had a few sessions with yourself for CBT after I struggled with failed attempts of IVF and had bad anxiety and panic attacks. I would just like to say your sessions were of much benefit and my anxiety attacks are much less and I can deal with them a lot better. At present I haven't had one for almost 4 months and I am almost 4.5 months pregnant! My 2nd attempt at IVF much to my surprise worked so thank you again and I will not hesitate to contact yourself again should I require a refresher on my CBT practices, thanks again." 

"When I came to you for my first appointment it was apparent that I suffered quite badly from anxiety and depression. I was extremely unhappy. I just wanted to say a massive thank-you. You changed my life. You made me reprogramme myself and gave me self-worth. I am no longer on medication. I am not alcohol abusive and I have quit smoking. I'm living a completely positive life in a loving relationship which I never thought would be possible. I really could not have done this without you and your sessions.I will be forever grateful."

"I came to you earlier in the year for help with anxiety initially and then in September for weight loss.  I would like to share the news that today I handed in my beautiful black and red dress (which I bought for last Christmas but never managed to squeeze into) to be taken in as it's now too big!"

"I am truly amazed at how this treatment has turned my life around. I'm so much more happy and confident in myself. We were away for the weekend and not only have I come home half a pound lighter but more importantly, for the first time in years I went swimming with the kids and my husband AND thoroughly enjoyed it."

"In total I've lost around 17lbs with most of that being in the first month. I'm now maintaining my weight without having to restrict myself for the first time in my whole life."

"Thank you so much for your help and support in achieving this, I still can't quite believe how easy it has been."

I'd love to see your testimonial here sharing the miraculous changes you've made so call me on M: 07765 454633 or email:yvonne@holistichypnosis.co.uk to begin your change journey or to catch up and let me know how you're doing.

I look forward to seeing you, kind regards Yvonne